I sat in reflection talking and listening to myself, to my spirit, and God. 

Me: oh I have to get this done, and that done. Make sure I create a plan for the day prior. Get organized so you can get things done.

The words from Spirit, “you need to meditate.”

Me: Yes I should schedule meditation time. Why do I keep knowing to do something yet not following through?

Spirit: You use to go for a walk at the same time ever night. That was you meditating. You would walk until you found a quiet space and just sit, listening, drowning out the world, basking in silence. 

Me: I was so much more disciplined when I was younger.  How did I drift this far off course. 

I began immediately to reflect on my life, seeing how often I drifted away from me, away from God.  I grind so hard for everything and everyone except for me. Me, naw, I neglected me. 

This realization prompt this follow up question, what could have happened to push me so far off course. Push me to the point where I neglect me; my physical health, my mental health, my spiritual wealth, my safety, and my life. I’ve done some straight up foolishness. 


As the realization prompt the question my mind vomited up the answer. Light eaters.

I saw the soul sinking memory The precise moment that stone crashed into my life pond. Life slash over the bank, evaporated by the sun. The waves bashing me against the edge. Drowning me in emptiness.

OverStanding of that moment, knowing and owning the stone afforded (now me) me now the ability to recreate the size of the stone transmuting the crash into a mere drop redirecting the ripple. Uniting and Balancing the flow. Granted Peace     

                                                  ~FireStarter Blu  (A Conscious Walker

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